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David M.Hunt Library Art Wall Show
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Boat Building Class at Salisbury School
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David M.Hunt Library Art Wall Show

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Thanks to a grant from the CT Commission on Culture & Tourism.,


One Boyne coracle, made of willow and covered with leather; one Ironbridge coracle, of ash lathe, with canvas covering; and a stainless steel version, built with the help of Natale Marosco, a metal fabricator in Ashley Falls, MA.


The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council has launched a region-wide public art event to support arts education and the Council. The event, titled CHAIRish the ARTS, is an art chair tour and auction, the proceeds from which will be divided among the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council and three beneficiary organizations that provide region-wide scholarships to students to study the visual, performing and literary arts. The three beneficiary arts education organizations include: After School Arts Program (ASAP), The Arts Fund for Region One, and the Battell Arts Foundation.

The CHAIRish the ARTS Art Chair Tour & Auction will display chairs of all types and sizes that are decorated by community artists - professionals, amateurs and students. The completed chairs will be displayed mid-summer through fall 2009 at organizations and businesses throughout northwest Connecticut.

A tour of the art chairs, with a contest component, will draw attention to arts education, to the Arts Council, to the artists, and to draw traffic to area businesses. Those who complete the tasks on the tour will be eligible for prizes through a drawing at the fall auction of the chairs.

The CHAIRish the ARTS auction will be held in the fall, when all the chairs will be available to bidders.

Despite all the other work you see on this site, my day job is that of a high school art teacher; specifically, I run the woodworking and boat-building programs. After rejecting a lot of ideas, I decided to go with the 'swiss army chair'. This is birch plywood, tulip-poplar and cherry. Its a prototype, really, as if I were ever to do this again I would use solid poplar instead of plywood and drill out more of the laminations to lighten the piece. As a printmaker, I can't help think about doing an edition.
All images by Roger McKee, copyright 2009